Resume and Cover Letter

$ 150


Are you looking to land the perfect job? I can help you! I am an expert at writing ATS-optimized resumes that bring you results for entry-level, professional, and executive positions.


What can I offer you?

  • Results: Instantly triple application responses and interview invitations
  • Quality: Collaboration with an industry expert will ensure you exceed employer demands for your chosen positions
  • ATS Compliance: Your resume development will include keyword tailoring, and encompass formatting chosen to bypass applicant tracking systems
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee


As an Expert Resume / CV (Curriculum Vitae) writer, I’m not just crafting documents…

I’m crafting confidence. I’m breathing life into your career history. I’m helping you stand out from the crowd.

I know exactly how to make YOUR skills & accomplishments shine like a disco ball in the eyes of recruiters and hiring managers… Let’s do this!


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